Q: What are the costs to use your software and how to make purchase?

Please contact our affiliate partner regarding the price, installation and method of purchase.

Q: Are there any monthly or yearly costs?

There are no additional costs, you pay only once when purchasing licence.

Q: Is software installation included and what are the requirements?

To check if installation is included within the price, please contact our affiliate partner who you are in communication.



  • Access to website admin panel
  • Server access to:
    1 x MySQL database (Hostname, username, password, database name)
    FTP access (Hostname, username, password)
  • Server needs to have:
    PHP v5.63 or higher
    Operating System: Linux
    Google API keys as described below
    Google API keys are use to allow usage of maps and places. Google allows you to generate these keys free of charge and it can be done here https://console.developers.google.com/apis/dashboard


Please enable following services and generate API keys. Once you have them please send them to us.Google Places API Web Service

  • Google Places API Web Service
  • Google Maps Directions API
  • Google Maps Geocoding API
  • Google Maps Embed API
  • Google Maps JavaScript API


Connecting Web Booking to website:

  • “Book Now” button in main menu
  • “My Account” button in main menu
  • Home page Widget (first step of the booking) – we recommend it to be place on plain background or static background image.
Q: Will the software be installed on my server?
Yes it will. A a full working version will be install on the server you have provided.
Q: What support do you provide?

6 Months Free Support

We provide 6 months FREE support from product purchase date. This means it covers fixing any problems that has not been caught by our testing. Any other issues caused by external forces (e.g. cause by company staff, hacking, server failure) are not included in free support.


Additional Support

You are welcome to contact us in cause you need any help. We will check and evaluate the scale of the issue then provide you with time scale and costs needed for solving it. We aim to solve all immediate problems within 72h. Hourly charge is £30.

Q: Do you provide regular updates and what are the costs?
Yes, we provide regular updates on four months basis. Please contact our affiliate partner who you are in communication with for more details regarding the cost.

Updates are not mandatory. Once you purchase the software you don’t need to update it if you don’t want to.However we recommend to use each update as opportunity to:

  • Boost security in order to minimise potential hacking.
  • Save time on management – we constantly trying to improve existing features so the system is more automated, set of information can be picked and understood in seconds.
  • Discover new way of work and keep up with technology.

Our team is constantly in communication with vast number of taxi companies and based on the feedback we build new features which aims to improve:

  • The way company works.
  • How your customer can book and communicate with company.
  • How your drivers communicate with company, your customers and handle assign jobs.
  • Be up to date with latest technology.

When an update is release we will send you an email informing of all major changes and opportunities you have by new update and it is your decision if you would like to use it.

Q: What if I have two website?

We are able to connect two and more website to the same management system. In such case we would create for each website an individual profile which allow setting:

  • Specific language
  • Branding – logo, colors, company name
  • Prices
  • Number of relevant information which will be display in emails and invoices.

This allow your company to promote each of the website as individual entity but in same time be able to receive and manage all information from one management panel. Each of the booking would show from which of the websites they are coming from.

We licence software per domain. Fist domain is full price, every next is with 50% discount. Please contact our affiliate partner regarding the costs.

Q: Is there any cost or limit to adding each driver in your system?
There are no limits or additional costs, you can add as many drivers as you need.
Q: Is possible to export booking into Excel table?
Yes, you can export it into excel format
Q: How long booking information are kept for?
Information will be store for as long as you need it. The only requirement is to keep your hosting on.
Q: Is your system allow job being dispatch to drivers?
Yes, the system allows job dispatch.